The name gives it away: a centralised vacuum system is an installation where the vacuum is installed at a central place in the home. Using a pipe system in various rooms and vacuum connections, a hose can be attached where required, for vacuuming. A centralised vacuum system is a very efficient solution for a dust-free home. Because the centralised vacuum can be installed in the cellar, garage or any other storage space, it means there is no more vacuuming noise or dragging a vacuum cleaner around.

A centralised vacuum system has a lot more suction power than a traditional vacuum, so that 100% of the dust can be vacuumed up and carpets receive a much deeper clean. Another trick up its sleeve (as opposed to a traditional vacuum cleaner) is that microscopic dust particles are no longer blown back into the house. This not only improves the comfort and hygiene of the home; it also increases the quality of life of the occupants exponentially.

The centralised vacuum systems by Elek Trends (ETP) are easy to use and simple to install in both new construction and renovation projects. They are extremely suitable for powerful, hygienic, silent and efficient vacuuming. What’s more, a centralised vacuum system by ETP is very durable, so also very interesting from a maintenance and budget perspective.

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