Ventilation merged with high-end lighting

With the aesthetics in mind, every project has the same difficulty: where do we have to install (or hide) the visually unappealing ventilation holes that harm the pureness of the interior. ETP & TAL have developed the answer with the Orbital range; well-engineered devices with a refined and elegant look that simply combine the ventilation system with a downlight.

Orbital is the perfect tool for any project and suits a wide variety of applications. High-end lighting merged with ventilation, as well as sound, smoke and motion detection. General light can turn into an extensive toolbox, to which you can simply add your desired features. Its smooth curves blend into the architecture for optimal visual comfort.

The Orbital is available in a standard version with leaf springs and a trimless version that merges with the ceiling. The device comes in white or black powder coated finish.

The basic light comes from the outer circle of any Orbital device and provides a profitable efficacy of 158,7 lumens per watt, which leads to 1000 lumens both in 2700K, 3000K and halosphere.

The innovative Orbital with integrated ventilation turns your home or office into a healthy environment. Choose between the throughflow or flow control system to create movement of purified air, beneficial to your indoor climate and extending the lifespan of the general light. A smoothly designed fusion of lighting with high quality ventilation in an aluminum casing leads to a cost effective and durable product.

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