Light + Air

Design ventilation valve & lighting fixture

Orbital is the result of a collaboration between 2 different companies, each being a specialist in its domain. TAL as specialist in architectural lighting has taken care of the lighting concept, ETP as specialist in mechanical ventilation has taken care of the ventilation part. Orbital LIGHT & AIR is the symbiosis of lighting and ventilation.

  • LIGHT & AIR is available as a through flow or flow control valve dia 80. (flow control = with air flow regulator)
  • LIGHT & AIR is available in leaf or trimless mounting version. Installation goes either via leaf springs or, in case of trimless valves, by means of a compatible mounting frame (AV00190). Trimless valves merge in with the ceiling beautifully .
  • LIGHT & AIR Light temperatures: 2700K / 3000K / Halosphere Dim-to-warm 3000-1800K. LED converters are available on demand
  • Finish in black or white powder coating .

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