Your home in (L)OTUS position

The OTUS provides the ideal solution to all persistent condensation - and fungus problems. Harmful substances like CO2 are quickly and efficiently discharged: this way, the OTUS guarantees a healthy and pure indoor climate for every home. As a decentral ventilation unit it is perfectly suited for simple installation in separate rooms such as the bedroom, living room, laundry room, bathroom, kitchen,…

The OTUS (60m3/h) is extremely silent, low in energy consumption and very easy to maintain. This intelligent decentralized unit with heat recovery boasts five different speeds and a comfortable, aesthetic remote control, which can be attached to the wall very easily by means of a magnetic support. The unit is equipped with an integrated frost safety and a humidity sensor that regulates the flow rate depending on measured humidity levels.

In alternating position (alternating between supply and extract air) the user can set the device in either comfort mode or efficiency mode. In efficiency mode, the OTUS rapidly alternates between supply and extraction in order to guarantee maximum heat recovery. In comfort mode, an integrated temperature sensor regulates the frequency of supply and extract air flow, in function of the temperature level. This way, the OTUS achieves a perfect balance between heat recovery and living comfort.

The OTUS is finished in white RAL9010 and made out of high quality ABS, providing long lasting shockproof and robust construction. The device comes with a telescopic pipe adaptable to the wall thickness.

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  • Airflow 60m³/h
  • Efficiency 90%
  • Consumption 6 W
  • Control Remote Control
  • Temperature sensor
  • X
  • X
  • X
  • Humidity sensor
  • G4 X
  • F7 X
  • X

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