Decentralised Ventilation

Decentral ventilation is a type of ventilation whereby the unit is placed in the room where ventilation needs to occur. It involves a conduit through a wall in order to bring fresh air in directly. A decentralised unit can also work with heat recovery, whereby the efficiency is higher than a C system, and sometimes even higher than a D system.

These units offer an alternative for a central system (type C or D) and lend themselves well when integrating a pipe network is not an option. A decentralised system enables perfect ventilation of the room in question, without too much renovation work.

Decentralised ventilation

Condensation is one of the most common causes of humidity problems such as mould formation. Condensation is usually the result of excess moisture in a room, for instance a bathroom. However, mould can also occur in a badly ventilated bedroom.

We recommend you call on a ventilation specialist if you experience damp problems; the specialist will always offer suitable solutions to your problems.

In order to tackle high humidity in a space, a good ventilation system is essential. A decentralised system offers a good solution here, seeing as it is installed in the room itself and extracts the humid air quickly and efficiently. An even better solution may be to opt for a decentralised system with heat recovery. This way, humid air is extracted and fresh air is supplied without any heat loss.

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