Orbital - One fixture, many functions

07 February 2020

Eliminate all the redundant in view of retaining the essential. There is more in less'
By Erpicum (AABE)

We are proud to present you our new ORBITAL series. ORBITAL is a versatile fixture collection that unites four separate in-house features in one elegant product series. This innovative collection neatly combines ventilation, loudspeaker and smoke detection with design lighting. Sister companies ETP & TAL developed these atmospheric luminary combinations to a design by Brussels-based architectural firm AABE.

Light & Air

ETP & TAL, two companies respectively specialising in mechanical ventilation and architectural design lighting, joined forces to develop the Orbital-series. A special kind of synergy, that brought forth a special product: Orbital LIGHT & AIR makes the combination of high-end lighting and ventilation possible.

Besides a practical and profitable product fusion, the Light & Air valve offers a renewing alternative for too-often outdated air valves, which are still predominantly present in many homes to this day.
Even though the essence of this product series lies in its combinations, lighting fixtures can also be obtained seperately (LIGHT ONLY). The same goes for ventilation valves (AIR ONLY).

Light & Smoke

Smoke detection is becoming increasingly important in today's households. The Flemish Government, for instance, already decided to set the importance of smoke detection in stone by making it a legal obligation that every residential and commercial building in Flanders should have smoke detectors installed. Starting from January 2020 this decision took effect.

Smoke detection has undoubtedly become an integral part of the modern home, prompting architecture to take up the challenge of fitting these smoke alarm devices into housing structures as elegantly as possible.
Our integrated smoke detector in the Orbital LIGHT & SMOKE series presents a fine answer to the question.

Light & Speaker

Lastly, a high-quality loudspeaker can also be coupled with an atmospheric lighting fixture. Our Orbital LIGHT & SPEAKER strikes the right note as the last addendum to a highly practical and yet refined product collection.

The icing on the cake came early, when our Orbital series was honored with a fine first prize at the European ICONIC awards, in the category 'innovative architecture'.
Statement by the jury council:

This cleverly designed recessed luminaire combines smoke detection, ventilation and sound to form a compact toolbox. Thanks to its modular design, the luminaire can be configured for the exact functions needed by the user. If only the lighting function is activated, the luminaire can be swivelled, making the Orbital a beautiful object to look at, as well as an interior lighting solution. This design concept seems so obvious, it's a wonder no one has thought of it before."